Fantastic Kitchen Wall Art Creative Ideas

Kitchen is an important room, not only as a place to make or prepare delicious foods. It is a place to gather with friends and family. This isn’t a formal place and you can apply something to beautify design of your kitchen wall art.

Typically, homeowners decorate the walls with wallpaper or paint. However, there are many ways to make kitchen wall art look amazing, and one of them is wall art.

What is a kitchen wall art? Let’s discuss!

1. A simple way to evoke retro style into your kitchen by showing off your collection of porcelain plates. Hang them with plate hangers by creating a unique pattern as a focal point. In addition to plates, you can show off butter molds or vintage gelatin molds.

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Looking for vintage or retro kitchen tools is not an easy job. You must find information from antique and thrift stores or browsing via Internet. If lucky, you can get a hand-crank egg beaters or unusual wooden spoons that ready to adorn the walls.

2. Another way to create kitchen wall art is posting favorite mottoes or quotations. If you have an inspirational motto or quote, write it directly on the wall will give unique personality. Use paint to create or compose beautiful words with stencils or preprinted wall stickers. You will find them in a number of designs and phrases.

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3. Use apron to adorn the walls. All you have to do is preparing colorful aprons. Hang them on the wall and use your creativity to create something harmonious. Use push pins or thumbtacks to spread out the apron on the wall.

4. Make a painting as a kitchen wall art. The best choice to create something different and you can call it as a mural.

If you aren’t going to choose a mural, then find a painting and hang it on your wall. However, be sure not to put it on bad areas, especially affected by direct sunlight, moisture, oil or heat.

Kitchen wall art doesn’t need as something complicated or busy, simple things will create a harmonious design.

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