Wireless Home Theater System

The term wireless has indeed created a whirlpool of frenzied consumers who are eager to ride with the tide of wireless home theater. And who wouldn’t want to escape from the belts of wires running on the floor connecting the home theater electronic devices to speakers, etc., which makes you think eventually how the world would be like without all these wires.

Like everything else, there’s no other place to go but up and technological advancements has brought us into the age of wireless. Before you jump into the test run though and burn a few hundred dollars for a wireless home theater system, it pays to know the benefits and the downsides to making your home theater wireless.

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Although this wave seems new, critics find the innovation old enough to be able to generate quite truthful reviews, many of which are on the fence.Home theater wireless speakers can run to over $100 each, which is more expensive than the conventional set of superior quality. This aspect alone may dissuade you from the wireless and would rather spend a few moments on the floor connecting wires. Moreover, a wireless home theater does not really guarantee a “wireless” world because wireless controllers would require constant replacing of a fresh set of batteries or recharging.However, going wireless has its substantial benefits.

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Linking electronic wires is no easy task. And batteries can be avoided, alternatively, if you have an outlet close by. Additionally, in the wired world, sometimes hiding them comes out as difficult or not possible such as the scenario of wood floors or placing speakers on a table at the end.When opting to go for wireless home theater systems, you can consider the following two criteria: the price and functionality. Many manufacturers are giving consumers plenty of choices for two-way wireless speakers home theater system, although, don’t expect that the sound quality of these can measure up to its wired counterparts.If your budget allows it, first time users can invest $500 for a quality home theater in a box package.

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Manufacturers Panasonic and Sony have a couple of wireless home theater systems but some wireless home theater system reviews say Yamaha’s Digital Sound Projector gives a better performance. The latter’s home theater system includes an amp as well as a brilliant surround sound, attachable with a microphone to easily set up the room for an evening of karaoke.Panasonic’s home theater system is the SC-HT930 that consists of a CD/DVD player, wireless surround sound speakers and a subwoofer. This can cost you a little under $1000 (including the wireless receiver, which is separately sold but has been incorporated in this budget).

Sony’s DAV-FX100W system is more or less the same as Panasonic’s system but reviews say the wireless system is more dependable. Another wireless home theater system is that from RCA, which has DVD player (the main control unit) that can be hooked into a TV set. The system includes sides and center speakers built around the television, and a subwoofer that also serves as a transmitter used by the wireless rear speakers.

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In this case, you need to plug the receiver into the opposite corner of the room while the two speakers at the rear plug separately into the receiver.With all the wireless options coming into reality in the market, it’s by far unrealistic not to be able to choose one that requires a bigger budget than having to put up with the wires, but definitely more inviting and relaxing. The wireless technology makes use of infrared rays emitted through a medium called a controller.To understand the complexity of the technology might require you a few more years in college, but one thing is certain, you wouldn’t have to be crawling on the floor connecting wires again.

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