Wall stickers for home interior decoration make house look Artistic

scooter sticker in mini bar kitchen in black white floor plan Wall stickers for home interior decoration make house look Artistic

If you are planning to do a re-decorating for your home or just want to give color to boring walls , you can try to install wall stickers or wallpaper for your home interior . There are so many options and sticker designs to choose from . You just stick it to the wall and see the wonders in improving the look of your home interior . Today, many homes use wall stickers especially for ease of use.

In addition to adding beauty of the interior , wall stickers can also be useful to cover small holes or cracks in the walls . This wall sticker can hide the flaws wall while making it look more beautiful . So , if you are planning to buy wall stickers , consider the following tips :

Decide where to install wall stickers

The first thing you need to think about is where you will put a sticker or wallpaper the walls that you buy . That way you will know what kind of stickers is best for the room . You can also choose an appropriate graphic for a particular area .

Size of room for wall stickers

Consider the size of the rooms of your home . Wall sticker prices also vary depending on the size . If you have a large blank wall , you can choose a larger wall stickers so as to occupy the whole area . Or if you decide to just put on a particular section , you can choose the most appropriate area and seen clearly . Make sure that the wall stickers do not look too small in big spaces . For a smaller room wall , definitely fits the smaller wall stickers as well . If you are a small type of vertical space , then you can choose wall stickers tall and slim . In contrast to the small horizontal space , you should choose long and slender wall stickers .

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Select the setting you want

Every room in your home will give you different moods vary . Wall stickers will give a great influence on the atmosphere in the room . If you want a room that is lively and fun , colorful stickers and fun for sure fit . If you want to create an aura with natural touches , you can get a wallpaper with floral themes and the elements of nature.

Wall stickers color matching with the interior

As usual , the color has always been a part of in any home decor . You have to choose wall stickers that have the appropriate color for the room . Color of your wall stickers can also have a major impact on space . There are so many colors that you can choose . You can adjust the color of the wallpaper with the existing interior colors . Select the appropriate color , good color matching or contrasting colors .

Materials wall stickers

Although simple and looks cute , wallpaper wall might harm homeowners , especially for the kids . It’s important to check whether the wall wallpaper made ​​of safe materials . Choose wallpaper wall that has a label VOC free , Phthalate free , lead-free and non-toxic . You should really pay attention to this , especially if you are going to put up wallpaper in the nursery room or children’s bedrooms .

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Use as a reference for interior design

If you have a modern interior design , try to choose a sticker that looks modern too . But this is not absolute , wall stickers do not have to match the interior design , but of course the results will be better if appropriate . Reference in addition to designs when choosing wallpaper for example color , style or shape .

Wallpaper and wall stickers bedroom

If you have children at home and want to put stickers on their bedroom wall , let them choose . Do not let them do not like the wall stickers that you install because it is not their choice . Avoid placing wallpaper that has a lot of detail and looks too realistic for the children . You can put a wallpaper that can help expand their imagination , colorful and festive . Child’s favorite character can be the right choice for wallpaper graphics . Adult bedroom can use theme of landscape and other designs are attractive and suitable for room owners . Black and white always look harmonious and become a trend nowadays. But you can also combine it with a splash of other colors . Wallpaper the walls with faded colors are also suitable for the atmosphere of the bedroom .

Wallpaper and wall stickers living room

For the living room , large wallpaper is more suitable , especially if there is a big blank wall . As we mentioned before , be sure to customize it with a stylish interior . In choosing colors , use colors that already exist in the living room so that it can complement and coordinate with each other . Large wall stickers in the living room could serve as a backdrop for furniture and other items .

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Wallpaper and wall stickers for the kitchen , dining room and bathroom

When selecting labels for the dining room and kitchen , you can use an image theme furniture , fruits , vegetables and other food-related . For the bathroom , choose a sticker that has a relationship with water , such as sea , waterfalls , rivers and anything that can be connected to the water .

Select the type of wallpaper and stickers

There are various types of wall stickers and wallpaper , for example, self – adhesive stickers , stickers non – self – adhesive , removable , and reusable stickers . Select the type best suited to your needs . In addition , please feel free to ask the seller about the details before you buy a sticker type .
Wall sticker is beautiful . It can improve the quality of the interior without spending too much money . Wallpaper and wall stickers are not expensive but the results are incredible . You can see a simple wall wallpaper can add a touch of life to the walls of your home . Hopefully this simple tips for you to improve the quality of your home.

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