modern infinity pool decoration in sensational house lombardo

When you are browsing or reviewing modern infinity pool decoration in sensational house Lombardo, we are sure that you must have never ever imagined that this kind of living space exists. Well, it is not just an ordinary villa where you and family can spend long holiday for sleeping or even only painting on the rooftop.

cushions plus pants above white floor and under lighting ceiling in the balcony above swimming pool modern infinity pool decoration in sensational house lombardo

It is a super incredible villa in which everybody can drive stress pressure out immediately only by swimming in this Lombardo villa’s infinity swimming pool along the day. On the other hand, great view of mountain and hill displayed surrounding the villa transforms this kind of building as the most favorite place to visit every vacation time.

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May adorable features are available in this modern house with infinity pool. Let’s start it from the cooking room. Most areas in this Lombardo house are dominated by glass with appropriate combination of concrete wall to make it open and airy. With nice spots separated by sliding glass door, everybody can feel free moving from one area to the other areas. In this case, the kitchen purposely comes in open plan. It is completed with a set of clean white painted counter and cooking unit on bright ceramic floor. Modern arch faucet with sprayer also adds easiness in this modern kitchen right above two-bowl-sink attached on the white counter.

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It is not far from the kitchen, a favorite infinity pool exists. Generally, the pool is designed in long rectangular shape with solid edge surrounding it. This pool was built right on lower level than the semi open living space where living room, kitchen and bedroom are found. With clear glass railing installed to separate the pool and the upper area, homeowner can see the beauty of pool and lake scenery at the same time. The modern infinity edge pools even look challenging for those who want to jump into it from the upper floor’s balcony.

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