The small tables or breakfast bars present in some kitchens, provide a unique family look and offer a different variant for making snacks, studying with our little while cooking or, preparing food with greater comfort. This type of decoration, is what is known as kitchens with Office, and we wanted to dedicate a space in […]

If you have enough space to put them, the kitchens with central island become a very practical element in the kitchen while transforming it in a modern place thanks to the contemporary touches that they transmit. But in order for the choice of the island of cooking to be the appropriate one and that it […]

The open kitchens are more and more protagonists in the decorations of modern kitchens. The reasons for this popularity are diverse, and that is what we will try to see in the following article, showing the different advantages of this type of kitchens. The way of life has changed a lot in the last two […]

If you are one of those interested in decorating issues you have probably heard of or already know about the so-called American Kitchens. Little by little these have become tendencies in our country and therefore it is increasingly frequent that we reach the home of a friend or family and we into with one. How […]

Although the main function of a cooker hood (and the one we all have in the head) is to eliminate the smoke that can be produced when cooking, it also exerts a fundamental role in the elimination of odors, in the decrease of humidity and of the own fat of the foods. The correct choice […]

Kitchen window designs are currently attractive to be installed in your kitchen. There are various window designs for kitchen that actually designed with some certain purposes. The duty of the kitchen window can be different according to the models and style. But generally, kitchen windows are essential to allow good air circulation and natural day […]

Your kitchen is the place where the whole family congregates to savor the delicious dishes churned out by you and also enjoy some quality time with family. As such, the place needs to look good and inviting. A charming kitchen can alter your mood when you enter it after a hard day’s work at the […]