Kitchens need light, from morning until night. Artificial lights or light fixtures help illuminate kitchen, so you can do various activities, start from cooking and eating. There are many kitchen light fixtures can you meet in the market. However, specify a choice isn’t an easy task, there are a few things you need to consider, […]

Everybody has different taste, especially when choosing a style for their kitchen. If you want to create a rural feel into your kitchen room, consider rustic style. Create a rustic kitchen isn’t difficult at all, some necessary items can be found easily. This kitchen design is able to give a plus value to your home […]

For some people a small kitchen is always identical with monotonous, boring and annoying. Well, we think it isn’t always true. So if you have the minimalist small kitchen and feel confused to decorate it to looks wider and comfortable to stay. It is possible to do. It will be the impressive kitchen ever seen […]

How to price homemade candles? Homemade candle price is not expensive. We want to show you how to make candles with silicone molds. They are very simple candles to do since the only thing we will do is pour the paraffin in a mold that will be silicone in which not to put any release. […]

Never let a limited space limit the beauty of your home. Even if you don’t have a lot of space at your bedroom, you can still make it look nice. There are several tips for you who looking for a small bedroom design. The first rule is to play with color schemes. Having a limited […]

Making the best thing happened on having small modern kitchen interior design can be very nice idea to realize. Even though you already have the small spaces for your kitchen, you can still do anything about it. You can have kind of big ideas applied in those small kitchen ideas. Moreover, you can do anything […]